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  • What are the types of home loans available?
There are a variety of home loans available.
  • Home Purchase Loan
  • This is the common loan for purchasing a home.
  • Home Improvement Loan
  • This loan is given for implementing repair works and renovations to your home
  • Home Construction Loan
  • This loan is available for the construction of a new home.
  • Home Extension Loan
  • This loan is given for expanding or extending an existing home. For example, addition of an extra room, etc.
  • Home Conversion Loan
  • Available for those who have financed the present home with a Home Loan and wish to purchase and move to another home for which some additional funds are required. Through a Home Conversion Loan, the existing loan is transferred to the new home, including the additional amount required, eliminating the need for pre-payment of the previous loan.
  • Land Purchase Loan
  • Sanctioned for purchase of land, for both homes, construction or investment purposes.
  • Bridge Loan
  • The Bridge Loan is designed for people who wish to sell the existing home and purchase another. The bridge loan helps finance the new home, until a buyer is found for the old home.
  • Balance transfer Loan
  • Balance Transfer loans help you pay off an existing home loan with a higher interest rate, and avail of a loan with a lower rate of interest.
  • Refinance Loan
  • This loan helps you pay off the debt you have incurred from private sources such as relatives and friends, for the purchase of your present home.
  • Stamp Duty Loan
  • This loan is sanctioned to pay the stamp duty amount that needs to be paid on the purchase of a property.
  • Loans To NRIs
  • This loan is tailored for the requirements of NRIs wishing to build or buy a home in India
  • What is an EMI ?
There are a variety of home loans available. EMI (Equated Monthly Installment) is the amount payable to the lending institution every month, till the loan is paid back in full. It consists of a portion of the interest as well as the principal.
  • How is an EMI calculated?
EMI Formula: l x r [(1+r)n /(1+r)n-1 ] x 1/12resident outside India are considered as capital account transactions.



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